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  • Business groups back Obama on Trade (The Hill)

    20 April 2015 | Article

    "Business groups are defending the dispute settlement boards that would be included in trade agreements being negotiated by the Obama administration."

  • Op-Ed: West Coast Port Fiasco Over? Not So Fast (CNBC)

    01 April 2015 | Article

    National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons joined leaders from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in penning an op-ed.

  • Manufacturing Matters: Let's Not Turn Back the Clock

    24 March 2015 | Article | Author: Jay Timmons

    America’s network of wired and wireless broadband services is the envy of the world.

  • NAM in the News: West Coast Ports

    26 February 2015

    A summary of NAM mentions in the media regarding the potential West Coast Ports shutdown and contract negotiations.

  • Related News: Ozone Regulation

    26 February 2015 | Webpage


  • When Innovation Meets Government Overreach, LEADS Act Proposes Fix for the Future

    17 February 2015 | Article | Author: Brian Raymond

    Digital information flies around the world in a way that was not imaginable 30 years ago. Today’s connected environment allows manufacturers of all sizes to take their businesses global.

  • Linda Dempsey on C-SPAN's Washington Journal (C-SPAN)

    30 January 2015 | Video

    NAM Vice President of International Economic Affairs Linda Dempsey discusses the Presidential trade authority in international trade negotiations on C-SPAN's Washington Journal.

  • Employees Personal Data Unleashed (National Law Journal)

    20 January 2015 | Article

    In the face of increased public awareness and justifiable concern about the collection and misuse of personal data, state legislatures have rushed to propose an array of privacy laws aimed at protecting your information. These states understand that technology can bring greater risk if our personal data are compromised.

  • Manufacturers Back Microsoft in Digital Privacy Case

    20 January 2015 | Article

    Imagine if the U.S. government demanded to seize personal e-mails within the control of a U.S.-based Internet service provider but stored on a foreign server without following the proper legal procedures.

  • In the News: Settling Investor State Disputes

    29 December 2014 | Article

    Linda Dempsey, NAM vice president for international economic affairs, responds to a New York Times op-ed, "When Corporations Sue Governments."

  • Manufacturers Need an Unregulated Internet: Column (USA Today)

    13 December 2014 | Article

    "A study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers said the EPA’s new rule will cost America’s economy more than $140 billion a year between 2017 and 2040."

  • Washington, Please Leave the Internet Alone

    09 December 2014 | Article | Author: Jay Timmons

    Manufacturers have become technology companies. They have leveraged the Internet to compete, deploy new technologies, connect with their workforce and their customers, reduce costs, cut waste, enhance the environment and create safer, more reliable products. President Obama’s proposal to regulate the Internet, using an 80-year-old law enacted during the era of rotary telephones, threatens to curtail future investment in our nation’s communications infrastructure, which has helped fuel this manufacturing innovation engine.

  • Long Beach, Los Angeles ports dispute threatens jobs from coast to coast

    14 November 2014 | Article | Author: Jay Timmons

    Congestion at the ports has risen to crisis levels, due in part to the lack of a contract. Negotiations have become toxic, with management accusing labor of “orchestrated slowdowns” and labor accusing management of attempting to “smear the union."

  • Leading the Future

    16 June 2014 | Article

    There is much that manufacturers can learn from each other to make sure our comeback continues in the years to come.

  • In Infrastructure We Trust (Member Focus)

    19 June 2013 | Article

    The NAM asked its members how important cybersecurity is to their business, the significant steps being taken to secure networks and where they see the biggest threats to their business.