Business Runs Out Of Patience After U.S.-India TPF Fails To Yield Changes (Inside U.S. Trade)

Linda Dempsey, vice president for international economic affairs at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), said in a Nov. 4 interview with Inside U.S. Trade that the commitment by both sides to continue discussions in a range of areas was not significant because those talks have yet to lead to a commitment from the Indian government to change its policies. NAM is a member of AFTI.

Dempsey said the TPF fell short of delivering concrete commitments by India on three issues that are priorities for U.S. manufacturers. They are: reducing tariffs on products covered by the original Information Technology Agreement, rolling back burdensome testing requirements on information communication technologies (ICT), and changing course on its IP policy. AFTI and its members have faulted India for inadequately protecting IP rights of U.S. brand-name drug manufacturers.

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