House Passes Transportation Bill (Global Trade)

The National Association of Manufacturers praised the House vote, saying it “paves the way for modernizing America’s aging infrastructure, reauthorizing a critical trade resource, and catching up to compete with the rest of the world.”

“While Congress spent years delaying and debating this issue, the United States fell behind on our infrastructure obligations as our foreign competitors invested in theirs,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “Manufacturers’ success depends on the ability to transport goods and products to our consumers and reach new markets, so it’s inexcusable that Congress wasted so much time and gave other countries a competitive advantage. This long-term highway bill is an important and overdue step forward to ending the counterproductive cycle of stop-gap renewals and to building our future again.”

Timmons also urged Congress to get work to reauthorize EXIM. “Manufacturers need every competitive tool to grow and create jobs; the EXIM Bank is one of those tools and has yet again earned bipartisan support in Congress,” he said. “As the bill goes to conference, we urge lawmakers to keep EXIM reauthorization as part of the final language. It is time to stop these self-inflicted wounds and get solutions to the president’s desk.”

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