Manufacturers Urge Protection of Medicare Part D in Budget Negotiations

Government Intervention in Price Negotiations Undermines Success of the Program

Today, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) led a national coalition of manufacturers, patients, health care providers and seniors in a letter to congressional leaders urging that Congress preserve Medicare Part D in its current, successful form. Proposals have been offered to allow the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to intervene in price negotiations, which would undermine the efficiency and success of Part D.

“Medicare Part D has been an overwhelming success, serving more than 40 million people while coming in under budget,” said NAM Vice President of Human Resources Policy Joe Trauger. “Putting HHS at the head of the negotiating table would be a mistake—the equivalent of fixing what’s not broken. Part D is a great example of the power of the free market, and it makes no sense to allow government interference in one of the only federal programs that actually comes in under budget every year. Manufacturers see opportunity to improve our fiscal situation through the budget process, but we urge Congress to keep focus on areas that are truly driving our nation’s debt.”

Click here to read the letter.

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