NAM Honors Passing of Former Board Chair Richard E. Dauch

Manufacturing Titan Leaves Behind Legacy of Success

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued the following statement marking the passing of Richard E. “Dick” Dauch, cofounder and chairman of American Axle & Manufacturing, former NAM Board of Directors chair in 2004 and NAM Board Member since 2000. As part of his tireless advocacy for manufacturing, Dauch authored two books on the industry: American Drive: How Manufacturing Will Save Our Country and Passion for Manufacturing.

“Manufacturing has lost one of its greatest leaders today. To the world, Dick Dauch was a titan of the auto industry, leading it to greater heights and pushing manufacturing to a new level. To those who knew him well, he was a family man with a charitable heart. From the moment he took the gavel as NAM Board chair, Dick spent each day providing a strong voice in Washington for manufacturers, which he viewed as the foundation of our nation’s strength. He will be deeply missed, and the thoughts and prayers of the NAM family are with his wife Sandy, the entire Dauch family and the American Axle team.

His is the story of the American dream—a success story driven through his own hard work, innovation and unyielding belief in himself. Dick demanded perfection in everything he did, whether it was his early work on the General Motors plant floor or his time at Chrysler where he rescued the company from the brink of extinction. His leadership helped shape the auto industry in the United States, and after a career of which anyone would be proud, he had even greater success with the founding of American Axle & Manufacturing.

Throughout his life, Dick knew at his core what all manufacturers know. A nation’s strength comes from its ability to make things—to innovate. He dedicated his life to ensuring that the United States stood as the global leader in both categories. As manufacturers, and as his friends, we are all in his debt.”