Manufacturers Call on Government to Address Key Issues with India

NAM Releases India Policy Priorities and Deliverables Ahead of June U.S.–India Engagement

Washington, D.C., May 2, 2016 – The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) released a set of priorities today outlining specific steps the U.S. and Indian governments should take to ensure productive outcomes from upcoming dialogues and engagements, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s U.S. visit in June.

The new priorities document provides a specific set of deliverables that, if achieved, would represent real progress toward addressing longstanding commercial barriers that manufacturers have faced in India—and would also move India forward on the promises that Prime Minister Modi has made in his first two years in office.

“It is important for manufacturers in America that the upcoming U.S.–India engagements produce actual change and progress,” NAM Vice President of International Economic Affairs Linda Dempsey said. “To help facilitate that real progress, we are releasing our recommendations for detailed solutions, which we hope will increase the effectiveness of these talks.” 

View the priorities document and accompanying letter from NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons.

Stakeholders in both the United States and India can benefit from policies that promote more open markets, eliminate discriminatory barriers and strengthen intellectual property protection. Progress on these issues is needed to foster a stronger, more productive and mutually beneficial commercial relationship between the two countries and pave the way to innovation and new economic opportunities.

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