ICYMI: NAM’s Jay Timmons Discusses Tax Reform on CNN

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Timmons on the ‘Big Six’ Tax Reform Framework

TIMMONS: “[T]oday is a great day for all of those who believe that America’s best days are still ahead of us. So what we want to see with tax reform is fairly simple. We’re very pleased that the president initially came out with a call for the 15 percent tax rate, for making sure that pass-through entities are not left behind and for a territorial system as well as incentives for investment, and research and development.”

Timmons on America’s Outdated Tax Code  

TIMMONS: “The price that we're paying right now is a very noncompetitive, stagnant economy because of a very outdated tax code … We're in a crisis right now involving economic growth. Our country is stagnant, and we need to get beyond that if we want to make sure that we succeed in the future and that other countries do not take away our competitive advantage … I would say that 30 years of our current tax code without reforms has led to a stagnation. It’s lead to folks being left behind. The goal for tax reform has to be to empower all Americans, to lift everyone up and to strengthen our country economically.”

Timmons on the Impact of Tax Reform on the Deficit

TIMMONS: “When we talk about revenue to the federal government, we have to understand that our tax policy has to incentivize investment and job creation because ultimately that’s what leads to revenue into the treasury to allow us to pay for all of those things that we want, and as Americans, what we want our government to do for us … Manufacturers absolutely are concerned about expanding the deficit. But a deficit is not new to Americans who take on great challenges.”


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