ICYMI: NAM’s Timmons Discusses Tax Reform on Fox News

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Timmons on Corker, Flake Retirements

We know Senator Corker. We know Senator Flake. We know that they have been great champions for manufacturing workers in this country throughout their career. And we think that they’re going to want their legacy to be a strong one when it comes to supporting legislation that helps those manufacturing workers.

Timmons on Tax Reform’s Chances

I’m very confident. I’m very bullish about getting tax reform across the line …. For manufacturers, this is not about personality. It’s not about political party. It’s about policy. The bottom line is this: We have got a lot of serious problems in this country …. We have a 30-year noncompetitive tax code. We need to get this done. We’re pleased that the president wants to do it. We’re pleased that members of the Senate and the House want to do it. And we’re going to be there to support them the entire way. We want to get this across the finish line. It’s critical for the future of this country.

Timmons on the President’s Commitment to Manufacturing

I can tell you that manufacturers are very excited about the president's agenda when it comes to tax reform and regulatory reform ... I have seen the president with our manufacturing workers and that bond is so strong and so tight. And it’s so great to see them working together. When he addresses, for instance, the National Association of Manufacturers, as he did two weeks ago, the response was overwhelmingly positive, because they know that he has their best interests at heart. 


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