ICYMI: NAM’s Timmons Discusses Infrastructure on Fox Business

Timmons: “Infrastructure Is The Next Big Thing … Now's The Time To Act On It.”

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Timmons On The White House’s Planned Infrastructure Push

“One thing that 2017 showed us is we can take on big things … [I]f you look at three things that are most important to manufacturers that we outlined right from the start in 2017: taxes, regulation and infrastructure. Taxes, we took care of that last year. Regulations are being dealt with right now. We're in the middle of that process. Infrastructure is the next big thing. And Democrats and Republicans alike have talked about the need to improve our crumbling infrastructure for decades. Now's the time to act on it.”

Timmons On The Administration’s Improvements To The Permitting Process

“[C]ertainly, permitting was a huge, huge impediment to being able to start these projects. I used to work for a governor, George Allen, in Virginia, and that is one of the things he took on very early in his tenure, making sure that there was prompt permitting for infrastructure projects. And it really resulted in a big explosion of infrastructure investment and spending in Virginia. We can do the same thing in the United States, across all 50 states, but we've got to make sure that the regulatory impediments aren't there and the president and his administration have been very focused on reducing those barriers. Manufacturers are very excited about that because, again, it can cost millions of dollars to small manufacturers like it did on the I-65 emergency closure recently. One manufacturer lost a million dollars in business because of that one closure.”

Timmons On The Path Forward For Infrastructure Legislation

“I think that everything should be on the table … [T]here’s has been a long-standing discussion about whether to raise the gas tax or not raise the gas tax. To manufacturers that is just one possible solution …There is a ton of different things that can be considered to pay for what we have called for in our 'Building to Win' proposal … I think we can do that in a very logical, bipartisan way. And I think now's the time for to us really focus on that because it really is impacting our ability to compete and succeed in the world economy.”

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