ICYMI: NAM’s Timmons & SOTU Guest Steve Staub Discuss Impact of Tax Reform on Fox Business

Timmons: “It's a Completely New Direction for the Economy and Manufacturers ... Policy Really Matters.”

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Timmons On The Impact Of Tax Reform On Manufacturers

“It's a completely new direction for the economy and manufacturers. And Steve and Staub Manufacturing Solutions are perfect examples of what can happen when you put the right policies in place. Manufacturers have been talking for 30 years about the need for a competitive tax policy, reasonable regulations. We finally got those and what you will see is exactly what our survey shows: two-thirds of manufactures said they're going to invest in new plants and equipment, three-fifths say they're going to hire new workers, a majority of them say they're going to provide better pay and benefits. Steve Staub has done all those things and you are seeing manufacturers doing that all across the country. Policy really matters and we’ve seen it change in the last year.”

Staub On The Impact Of Tax Reform On Manufacturers

“There’s an optimism. Customers are launching new products. We had a customer tell us that when tax reform passed, they were going to launch a new product line. They had been talking about it for years, and under the Obama Administration they were holding off because they just didn't feel confident in the economy moving forward. Now they have the confidence and they're launching their product line. They're going to add alot of new jobs, adding jobs to suppliers like us and the manufacturing industry as a whole.”

Timmons On Record-High Manufacturing Optimism

“[O]ur manufacturers have responded overwhelmingly positive to the direction of the country. We released our fourth quarter survey late last year that shows 95% of manufacturers, manufacturers like Steve, have a positive outlook for their company and for the country economically. That is the highest positive index that we’ve had in the 20-year history of the poll. So, it is good news for manufacturers.”


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