Timmons: President Trump’s Focus on Infrastructure is the Bold Leadership We Need

NAM’s “Building to Win” Blueprint Shows Critical Need for Investment

Troy, Michigan  Today, during the 2018 State of Manufacturing address at Automation Alley in Troy, Michigan, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons commented on President Donald Trump’s infrastructure proposal, noting the importance of the Trump administration’s much-needed leadership on infrastructure. Timmons also highlighted “Building to Win,” the NAM’s infrastructure proposal, which has been warmly embraced by the administration, congressional leadership and campaigns as a blueprint to repair our roads, bridges, rails, airports, ports and waterways and revolutionize the transportation, energy, water and broadband infrastructure that makes the American Dream possible. Excerpts from Timmons’ speech:

“You may have also heard about the breaking news coming this morning on the White House plan for investment in infrastructure.

And no doubt, for manufacturers, infrastructure is the next big thing. Roads, bridges, ports, pipes, pipelines, waterways, broadband and the electrical grid—you name it, it’s time to build it and rebuild it. The painful truth is that America doesn’t lead the world on infrastructure. Not anymore. Not even close.

That has big consequences. Shipments delayed, customers inconvenienced, work hours lost. Above all, it’s a risk to our families when we’re relying on infrastructure built for another generation. A bygone era.

The NAM released our ‘Building to Win’ plan more than a year ago, an agenda that was warmly embraced by the Trump campaign and administration and used as a guidepost by them and Congress.

It’s estimated that until 2025, families will lose $3,400 every year because of deficient infrastructure. By 2026, just eight years from now, that cost will rise to a staggering $5,100 wasted every year.

The administration has already delivered on some important permitting reforms. To get projects back on track, now the President is calling for a substantial $1.5 trillion investment. It’s the kind of leadership manufacturers have wanted for a very long time, and it could help us reclaim our rightful place as a global leader on true 21st-century infrastructure.

Manufacturers are ready to work with Congress and the Trump administration to deliver a tremendous plan that will literally get America moving again.”

Emerson Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Chair David Farr also highlighted “Building to Win” and the need for a robust investment in infrastructure recently in an opinion article published by The Hill.


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