ICYMI: NAM’s Timmons Discusses Tariffs on Fox Business

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Timmons on His Proposal for a Bilateral Trade Agreement with China

“We’ve talked about—at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), we’ve talked about a more robust, bilateral trade agreement with China for quite a while, and in fact, I wrote the president about that very issue in January … I don’t think tariffs are the way to go. I think you heard from Larry Kudlow that tariffs are not a good way to proceed, but it has the attention of the Chinese, and let’s use this to sit down, have a discussion about a rules-based system, a bilateral trade agreement that is based on the rules that will level the playing field for the United States.”

Timmons on China’s Unfair Trade Practices

“Free trade is good for this country, but it also has to be fair. China has not played by the rules, and it’s time that we deal with those … We’ve been very vocal for the entire time I’ve been at the NAM, certainly for 10 to 15 years, about unfair trading practices by China, whether that’s counterfeiting, or whether that’s subsidization, or whether that’s the theft of intellectual property, which is a huge issue for many manufacturers. I’ve talked to some of my smaller manufacturers and they say they can’t even do business or they’ve actually lost their intellectual property because it’s been stolen by the Chinese. This is a big problem, and there has to be some attention paid to it.”

Click hereto read Timmons’ letter to President Donald Trump on pursuing a bilateral trade agreement with China. 


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