Manufacturers: We Are the Solution

To the President-Elect:

We believe in an exceptional America. We believe we are stronger as a nation when we are united. And, we believe we, as business leaders, all have a unique responsibility to bring our country back together again—a responsibility we wholeheartedly embrace.

We write today not only to offer our congratulations but also to express our commitment in reuniting our country and our people after this particularly difficult election. It is our shared belief that we, representing companies large and small, have an urgent need to restore faith in our vital economic and government institutions and to bolster the promise of America—to lift everyone up and leave no one behind. American families, businesses and our communities cannot truly prosper and reach their full potential in a country that is divided and distrustful.

We will look for areas upon which we agree and can work productively with your new administration. To be sure, we are aware that there will be times when we disagree on the specifics of important policies, and we will respectfully make our voices heard when we do. We do believe, however, that we can be constructive—both when we agree and when we do not—if we can all approach challenging situations in good faith, guided by an unwavering commitment to a greater purpose. 

The days after a hard-fought presidential election have traditionally been a time to mend the divisions in our country, with political parties and nominees moving beyond the harshness of the campaign season and putting our nation, and our democratic system, first before all else.

You can count on us to help lead the way in bringing about that healing and reconciliation.  

Jay Timmons
President and CEO
National Association of Manufacturers

Gregg Sherrill
Chairman and CEO, Tenneco Inc.
Chair of the Board of Directors, National Association of Manufacturers

David Farr
Chairman and CEO, Emerson Electric Co.
Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors, National Association of Manufacturers

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