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The National Association of Manufacturers Political Action Committee (NAM-PAC) is the best resource to ensure the manufacturing industry in the United States continues to grow and become more competitive. The NAM-PAC is a way for you to participate in the political process and make a difference.

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Why Does the NAM Have a PAC?

When you contribute to the NAM-PAC, you are supporting candidates who are working to help us continue to lead the way to a more positive industry for manufacturers.

What is the PAC’s Purpose?

We promote candidates who support manufacturing. We strive for improvement by encouraging manufacturers to take a more active part in government affairs. We assist manufacturers in organizing themselves for more effective political action.

What Does the PAC Do?

The NAM-PAC is bipartisan and supports candidates for public office who understand and support the issues most critical to the continued growth and success of our company and industry. The NAM-PAC helps us to educate policy leaders on issues that are important to our industry.

Who Can Donate?

Full-time, salaried employees. U.S. citizens or permanent green card holders living in the United States and spouses of these individuals.

How Does the PAC Operate?

The NAM-PAC may contribute up to $2,700 per federal candidate, per election. Primary and general elections are separate for these limited purposes. The NAM-PAC is entirely non-partisan and voluntary.

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