Competing to Win

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America is facing one of the greatest economic challenges in its history. And inflationary pressures are not only stalling business expansion and investment, but they’re also hurting everyday Americans in ways we can’t completely fathom today. We need officials, candidates and more Americans to take action on an agenda that’s going to address our supply chain challenges, the need for more workers and the opportunity to create even more manufacturing jobs and to make our country more resilient. It’s time to fix it.

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Building On The Promise Of Tax Reform

Manufacturers asked, and Congress delivered with the passage of tax reform. As a result, manufacturers have been paying forward the benefits. With a commitment to federal policies that build on those advances rather than roll them back, the industry will continue leading our workers, communities and country toward prosperity.

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Supporting Manufacturing Jobs and Growth; Removing Uncertainty and Unfair Barriers

Manufacturers of all sizes compete in a global economy, selling to U.S. customers and to the billions of consumers around the world. Pursuing policies that improve manufacturers’ competitiveness and ability to reach new customers abroad will allow manufacturers in the United States to compete—and win—in the global market.

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Environment and Sustainability

Creating Cleaner, Safer and More Inclusive Economies

Everyone wants clean water and clean air. Everyone wants a good job and a strong economy. With federal policies that balance these goals, manufacturers can continue leading the way the world addresses climate change and other environmental issues.

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Energy and Natural Resources

Strengthening Manufacturing by Capitalizing on U.S. Energy Leadership

Manufacturers utilize and benefit from all forms of energy, while making smart investments to become more energy efficient and protect the environment. The future of the manufacturing industry and our country’s resource security rely on clarity and certainty from policymakers that strengthens our competitiveness.

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Transportation and Infrastructure

Catching Up and Building for Tomorrow

The 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law represents historic investment. For too long, the structures that support the movement of free enterprise and families have been frail and failing. As we work to ensure the law is implemented successfully, we also have to ensure that we take all necessary actions to keep supply chains running. As national and international supply chain disruptions have made painfully clear, maintaining and modernizing our infrastructure is essential to keeping products moving and manufacturers operating.

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Workforce and Education

Equipping the Workforce for Rewarding Careers

One of the key competitiveness challenges facing manufacturers is access to a skilled workforce. Workforce policy should prioritize employer leadership and participation in postsecondary education and training programs. And it should enable more individuals to develop the skills needed to begin or advance in their career.

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Labor and Employment

Adapting Policies for a 21st-Century Workforce

It’s time to modernize labor and employment laws and regulations to fit the needs of today’s manufacturing workforce. The manufacturing shop floor has changed. Meanwhile, manufacturers in the United States face government-imposed challenges that are not faced equally by many of our global competitors.

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Reforming the Immigration System for American Competitiveness

America is a nation of immigrants—and a nation with a broken immigration system. If we continue with current immigration practices, we will lose talent, opportunity and economic growth. Manufacturers believe that now is the time to enact immigration reforms that balance compassion and security to create a stronger country and a stronger economy.

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Health Care

Keeping Americans Healthy and Productive; Unleashing Innovation

Manufacturers of all sizes cite rising health care expenses as one of their top business concerns, and they need certainty to negotiate affordable, best-in-class health plans. Policymakers should allow free enterprise principles to guide health care policy decisions to encourage and protect the health care cures and solutions of tomorrow.

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Corporate Governance

Supporting Capital Formation and Protecting Investors

Manufacturers depend on public markets to finance business growth, job creation and economic expansion, and workers rely on the success of publicly traded companies for their savings and retirement. As such, policymakers should rein in unregulated third parties, enable manufacturers to engage effectively with their shareholders and protect middle-class investors.


Research, Innovation and Technology

Powering Manufacturing 4.0

Manufacturers have created an innovation engine that has reshaped the world around us. As modern manufacturing in the U.S. races toward the new economic era and pursues technologies to lead new operational advances, federal policies must keep up with the industry’s needs, prioritizing both investment and innovation.

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Regulatory and Legal Reform

Reducing Barriers to Economic Growth

Smart regulation is critical to protecting worker safety, public health and our environment. Overregulation will hold back our country’s economic potential and undermine manufacturers’ competitiveness. Reforming the nation’s broken legal and regulatory systems, ensuring regulations achieve their intended goal without unnecessarily harming competitiveness, will help fully unleash our economic engine.

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