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During the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s creators are stepping up to be part of the solution to the rapidly unfolding effects of COVID-19.

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This is the Story of Manufacturing

Untold millions—seemingly ordinary, but all extraordinary—people conceiving life-changing ideas, making a difference and improving the lives of countless people. Manufacturers have lifted us from the destruction and disarray of the Civil War and the despair and distress of the Great Depression. We have propelled an industrial and worker surge—the “Arsenal of Democracy”—that ended a global war. And now we are mobilizing an Arsenal of Health to meet the greatest public health and economic threat of our time.

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Are you a creator helping to respond to the national COVID-19 response effort? Let us know how you’re contributing, including what you’re creating and who you’re helping. We’re sharing stories on our digital channels and will reach out if we have any questions.

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