Manufacturing Executive Leadership Program

Develop strong communication skills, political acumen and advocacy tactics to help extend your reach and influence beyond businesses and into your communities and networks.

Executive Leadership Training

Due to continued pandemic restrictions, the NAM Manufacturing Leadership Program has been temporarily placed on hold. For further guidance, please contact Anne Marie Alaska as per the below.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest and most respected industrial trade association in the United States, presents the Manufacturing Executive Leadership Program for C-level executives in manufacturing. This three-part program highlights the importance of engaging with Washington to advance business priorities by focusing on developing the essential strategic leadership skills needed to communicate with policymakers.

They will have the opportunity to use these new tools, such as coalition building and grassroots activism, to communicate manufacturers’ agenda and effect change at every level of government.

For more information, please contact NAM Board Initiatives Director Anne Marie Alaska at (202) 637-3102 or [email protected]