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R&D Tax Change Threatens America's Innovation and Economy

New Data: Taxes on R&D Puts 260K+ Jobs at Risk


What’s Going On…

The challenge: U.S. manufacturers, who drive more innovation than any other sector, face a harmful tax change that will drastically hinder R&D across the industry, threatening thousands of jobs and critical innovation that upholds America’s economy and national security.

What we’re doing about it: The NAM is rallying manufacturers to urge Congress to reverse this harmful change to the tax treatment of R&D, protecting the ability for businesses to deduct 100% of their R&D expenses in the same year. If Congress takes the necessary steps to reverse this tax change, thousands of well-paying jobs and innovation-directed R&D will be saved.

Take action below. Together, we can help to reverse this tax change, encourage R&D investment, support job growth and reinforce the industry’s competitiveness on the world stage.

Keep Us Competitive:

“Protecting R&D” Series: As part of our advocacy, the NAM is highlighting member stories that reinforce the importance of reversing the harmful R&D tax change. Can we share your story? Please contact NAM Senior Director of Tax Policy David Eiselsberg.

In Washington: The NAM is rallying America’s business community in our direct engagement with congressional leadership on the need to repeal the harmful R&D tax change. Read the NAM’s most recent letters to Congress:

The NAM’s most recent letter to congressional leadership, with support from more than 400 companies and business organizations, urges for the repeal of the harmful R&D amortization provision in order to ensure that the tax code continues to support innovation. The NAM letter warns that failing to reverse the amortization requirement “will cost well-paying jobs and reduce future innovation-directed R&D.”
The NAM’s September letter to members of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee reinforces that Congress can provide much-needed certainty by the end of 2022 by reversing the change to the tax treatment of R&D, helping to bolster job creation in U.S. manufacturing and secure the industry’s competitiveness on the world stage.


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