Protect Manufacturing Investment

New Regulations Threaten Manufacturers’ Investment in Innovation and Jobs

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What’s Going On:

The challenge: EPA has proposed imposing stricter air regulations on U.S. that would not only hurt existing manufacturing facilities but could also jeopardize both American manufacturing competitiveness and current and future investments in innovation, including new clean energy manufacturing, that are critical to addressing climate change.

What we’re doing about it: The NAM is rallying manufacturers to urge EPA to reconsider its proposal and urging Congress, if given the opportunity, to oppose these harmful tightened regulations. Protecting manufacturers’ ability to invest in the development of innovative modern technologies that address air quality, reduce emissions and protect the environment, while protecting manufacturing jobs and growing the economy is a top priority.

Using Our Voice:

Take action below. Together, we can make sure that the voice of our industry reaches key decision makers in Washington who can oppose these harmful regulations and protect manufacturers from unnecessary red tape that will weaken America’s competitiveness.

Our Message:

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